About Butler & Co

Butler and Company was established in 1990 and our team of highly skilled members continue to contribute to the growth of Butler and Company.

Our sales team handles over $20 million in property sales each year, while our property management advises on over $40 million of commercial and residential property.
The project marketing team was awarded the task of selling the 950 lots at "Hidden Valley", the country estate of the late Robert Holmes a Court and broke sales records with the apartment complex Flinders Wharf. Our business is based on providing the best service for our clients wherever they may take us.

Butler and Company is experienced in many facets of property related matters and is able to offer advice and are specialists in:
  • Project Marketing
  • Sales - Residential, Commercial, Rural
  • Property Management - Residential, Commercial
  • Property Acquisition
  • Investment Acquisition
  • Consultancy
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